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Keen Hood River II Sandals

We tend to spend a lot of weekends river-walking in the local mountains. My Chaco sandals (which I love!) just weren’t cutting the mustard for this kind of activity — I was too frequently stubbing my toes on rocks, or slipping, or having to take them off to remove the odd pebble that found its way in.

So I did a little research, and ordered a pair of Keen Hood River II sandals from, in the US. They just arrived today, and I was elated to find that I’d ordered the right size (as ordering shoes via the internet is a risky business.) The shoes are very comfortable, as I expected being the owner of some other Keen shoes, and the soles appear to have a nice gripping surface. And the toe cup is definitely going to make boulder hopping a much less painful activity!

I’ll report back in a few weeks, after spending some time in the wild with them.

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  1. Carlos Carlos

    Y no has aprovechado para pedir una mochila????

  2. Narayan Narayan

    Figures you wear Keen. I’ve been wearing Keen shoes for about 2.5 years I think. Haven’t found a sandal of theirs I like though.

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