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Matt's Corollary to Moore's Law

Moore’s Law states (roughly) that the speed of computers doubles every two years, and he’s been more or less on the money. Today I introduce a corollary to Moore’s Law, which I expect to come to be known as Matt’s Corollary:

> Except for the first couple days of ownership, the perceived speed of computers, over time, remains a constant (and a slow one at that).

My shiny new MacBook has become dog slow. Some people claim it’s the fact I didn’t do a clean install. Niall probably figures it has something to do with the 25+ apps I run at the same time. But you and I now know the truth — Matt’s Corollary.

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  1. Arto Bendiken Arto Bendiken

    Actually, to be very pedantic here: Moore’s Law states that the number of transistors on an integrated circuit doubles every 24 months (at the same unit cost). Despite popular misconceptions to the contrary, it doesn’t promise you anything about performance per se. So, tough luck; blame Apple 😉

    This is not to say your corollary isn’t perfectly valid, of course…

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