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Upgrading Quickbooks 2005 to 2007. Get with it Intuit!

20 April 2007

Today I upgraded to QuickBooks Pro 2007, in order to have an Intel binary version of the application to run on my MacBook.

I went to the site to buy it, $199 (yikes!) and noticed the “Coupon” field on the check-out screen. I stared at this field, feeling somehow left out, as I always do on these online purchasing screens, wondering “Who actually gets these coupons? I don’t think anybody has ever given me an online coupon.”

Then, remembering a tip from my brother-in-law, I hit Google: “QuickBooks Coupons”. Sure enough, I found a link to the Intuit site that gives you a 20% discount on Quickbooks. Cool!

So I purchase Quickbooks, download it, launch it, and am immediately informed that I’m running version R3, and should update to R4, a measly 84 MB download! Why in the world don’t they have the latest version of the application downloaded when you buy the product? Good grief!

Update: So the 84 MB updater just finished downloading, and you know what? –it’s not an updater at all. It’s a whole new copy of the application? I mean, c’mon Intuit, can’t you link your most current application from your purchase download page???

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