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Gold Medal at the 2008 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championships

Man, I’ve been on some kind of good luck streak lately! First the brown belt a few weeks ago, and now, this past weekend, I competed and won the gold medal in the Brown Belt, Senior 1 division of the European Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championships. Woo-Hoo!

In the picture below, the guy on the right is my coach, Edson Jorge, who I believe is the best BJJ coach on the planet, in addition to being a world class competitor in BJJ and MMA. On the left is some dude we met who’s interested in signing up for some BJJ lessons with us in Marbella. 😉

Just kidding, folks! As any self-respecting BJJ aficionado will quickly note, that man on the left happens to be none other than the very best BJJ and grappling practitioner walking on the planet today — current world champion, Roger “The Man” Gracie!

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  1. Arto Bendiken Arto Bendiken

    Congrats, Matt – a great way to start off a new year! 🙂 Are the videos up somewhere yet?

  2. stef stef

    Well done Matt, so you won gold in the brown belt class shortly after getting the brown belt? Sounds like you should be on black!

    I just hope you didn’t buy the Jeep in the colour of the photo of the link!


  3. Javier Marti-Canales Javier Marti-Canales

    Excellent performance!
    All the best from the cloudy Netherlands.
    Javier & Pilar

  4. Stefan Seiz Stefan Seiz

    Congrats Matt! Well done. Years ago, I was doing Wing Tsun and loved it. But then, my trainer had to quickly leave the country and with him went my career in wing tsung as no equivalent trainer could be found. Sometimes, I realy miss it.

  5. Administrator Administrator

    Stefan, I also used to do Wing Tsun, but I’m much happier with BJJ. With no hitting and kicking, I’ve gotten a lot less banged up!

  6. Dani Erola Dani Erola

    Enhorabuena Matt!!

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