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Launch of the Mocca Marbella Website

03 September 2008

Those of us working in the Marbella, Spain office of MakaluMedia are pretty darn lucky to have a super scrumptious cafe/restaurant—Mocca Marbella—just five minutes away, serving up fresh, seasonal international cuisine each day at lunch.

After getting to know charismatic Danish owner Micheal, we agreed to help him get a website built, with the idea that we’d work on it in our spare time, on a low-priority basis. Well, two years later, it’d pretty much become a monthly joke between Micheal and us. Spare time just never materialized!

So a few months ago, we sat down with Michael, and all agreed to bump up the task from “low” to “high” priority, and seriously set out to get it done. Brian quickly built public and administrative applications in Ruby on Rails, and then Alex came behind and worked his design magic.

On the public side, we tried to capture the identity, simplicity and quality that have become recognizable trademarks of Micheal and his restaurant in the local community here. Just like his famous one-page menu, the website exists in a single page, with the daily specials rendered on a virtual chalkboard, just like the real one perched on the sidewalk out front.

Micheal updates the physical chalkboard each morning with the daily specials, and to carry that concept over to the website, we built a custom administrative application where he logs in and enters the same information to appear on the site. In addition, with a click of a button, the application sends a styled HTML email to all his subscribers.

We’re very satisfied with how the site turned out, and Michael loves it. Even though we can’t take on any new projects for a few months, it has also been gratifying to have gotten several business enquiries from Mocca clientele, due to the site!

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