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Banking Insecurity

25 September 2009

Recently, I’ve been unable to use the Banc of America brokerage site. The site logs me out whenever I navigate from one section to the next. I emailed them, and got this response:

We are aware of a recent issue whereby the cookie is now required on the Account Overview page. If the cookie is not accepted, you are logged off of the website. The issue appears to be the result of recent changes to the site, and the appropriate technology partners have been engaged. You can correct this issue by going to Safari - Preferences, then press the Security icon. Please press the radio button next to 'Always' and press the red button in the upper left corner to close the window.

Oh, the irony. While, on the one hand, Bank of America continually makes doing business with them increasingly cumbersome in the name of ‘security’ (e.g. the recent requirement to setup ‘SafePass’), they are now telling me that in order to use their website, I’ve got to configure my own browser as insecurely as possible.

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