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From my inbox: The ultimate resume. How could we not hire this guy?

13 August 2009

The following resume, verbatim, just landed in my inbox. Seriously, how could we not hire this guy!? The only thing he's not, is concise. Resume of {Name Deleted}

A Man for All Solutions

Highly Versatile, Strategic and Resourceful, Cost-Conscious and Efficiency-Driven, Grounded and Well-Rounded, People-Empowering and Widely Respected Executive Generalist Leader of All Facets of Business, including Penetrating New Markets and innovating New Product Lines

Overview: A constant stream of outside-the-box solutions

Calm, cool and collected, creating a corporate culture conducive to continuous contribution from all corners.

SNAPSHOT OF LEADERSHIP PHILOSOPHY Free-thinking, open-minded, solution-finding leadership with watchful eye on the future and the ideas to get there. The steady hand of consensus and family-style leadership that makes loyalty among dealers and customers as well as employees a fundamental truth. A light personal touch to elicit dedication. Not adverse to disagreement or controversy. Never hold people back, always challenging to push capabilities, wanting team to work with me rather than for me.

Leadership track record of achieving long-term sales growth from $300K to $8 million and ultimately increasing over 435% to $35 Million through a combination of team building, restructuring, acquisitions, and in-depth across-the-board training, creating the #1 revenue-producing part of the organization

Philosophy of taking the long view and risk of making surgical strategy changes to business direction and setting a new course for igniting significant continuous growth and market expansion, which has led to minimized cost and maximized profitability with a fraction of the original employee base, watching sales mushroom without established brand recognition against the biggest names in the business

  • Highly adaptable and capable in all facets of business with solid understanding from first-hand experience of how all the pieces fit and work together or against each other

  • Mentored by company_s top executives _ CEO, President, V.P. Treasurer _ and advanced steadily from warehouse / shipping / receiving, operations, credit / finance, and sales to Company President and General Manager within only 4 years of recruitment, overcoming all natural resistance to rapid rise at so young an age with down-to-earth personality

  • Always fine-tuning the organization from the micro to the macro, building up and building back down, dealing easily with constant flux

  • Widely diverse functionality across the industry spectrum, easily adapting to new and challenging economic environments, an innovative purview of new products with sharp eye to penetrating new markets with freshly conceived product introductions, training, educating, and serving customers and Mergers & Acquisition leadership

  • Demonstrated willingness and courage to approach the board to express desire to uproot things as they are and even take control from the chairman, a huge risk taken that proved prescient

  • Policy of holding annual forums for eliciting feedback

  • More interested in contributing to the greater good than status or title, equally at home being a team player as in lead roles

  • Optimize team productivity and company efficiencies

  • Always evaluating, reevaluating and absorbing, inciting feedback from all sides, and always believing there is a better way of doing things

  • Able to unify, motivate, educate, train and retain people and induce cohesiveness and synergy, with an eye for spotting diamonds in the rough and polishing into gems

Select Accomplishments

  • Took unprecedented strategic risk that culminated in more than 4X growth to $35 Million in sales

  • Heralded the introduction of new products into new markets, ultimately increasing sales for a single product line from $300K to $8 million between 1982 and 2002, on course to $35 Million

  • Made a series of unprecedented strategic moves to set a new future course, accepting a strategic 50% cut in revenues in selling off a whole division to completely change direction to stimulate dramatic growth, recasting the company in a whole new light and image including a new name, followed by launch of spinoff acceptance company to independently push sales of new product line regionally, rising 40% with 25% more dealerships in place, while cutting outside financing need by 40% and increasing inventory turnover

  • Expanded into new geographic areas, picking up new distributorships and markets and cracking the $1 million threshold, gradually building steam across state boundaries to $8 Million in sales

  • Pared sales team down to only 25 from peak of more than 100

  • Increased profitability 65% with a fraction (25%) of original employee base

  • Leased out old warehouse and oversaw new design and building of new office/ warehouse/showroom and reduced overhead by 80%

  • Expanded territory reach which increased electronic sales by $8 million and appliance sales by $1 million

  • Completed strategic acquisition of 3 distributorships that boosted sales and increased the bottom line by 65% after consolidations

  • Doubled appliance inventory turnover due to new in-house financing program

  • Consistently ranked in top 6 nationwide electronic and appliance distributors year after year in product line, parts & service, and overall performance

  • Developed a nationally recognized WAC Distributor/Dealer Floor Planning Program that greatly enhanced product sales, which reduced cost by about 40%, increased return of inventories, put higher branded product on the floor, expanded sales and profit, and achieved more market penetration per dealer than ever before .

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