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Pixmania User Experience (or is it eXpansys?)

I recently placed an order for a camera with After a few days I received this email (with my order number edited; so don’t click the link):

Su pedido 9HJ1-6706EDIT fue envíado.

para más información. Según el transportista elegido, y para tener
más información: – contactar directamente con DHL al 902122424 o
915867927 – contactar directamente con SEUR al 972 242 526

Order Processing
+34 933 938 182
mailto:[email protected]

In such a short email, Pixmania have failed on five points:

1. The email is from **, which as far as I can tell, is a *completely different company*. Presumably they’ve merged or something? This is akin to placing an order with Best Buy, and getting a fulfillment email from Amazon. My first thought was, “Oh no, did I somehow order this thing twice!?!” A short explanation to the customer could prevent a lot of confusion.

2. The only information available in the *tracking* link, is a note to say that the product shipped and that they’ve sent me this email.

3. And this is *uniquely amazing*: The text beginning with “Según el transportista elegido…” means this: “*Depending on the courier company we choose, please call either DHL or SEUR to get more information about the status of your order.*” Yes, you read that correctly. They either don’t know which courier they’ve chosen, or just don’t want to tell me.

4. Without a tracking number, I’m not going to get very far calling either DHL or SEUR. Both this email and the Expansys website only display the Expansys order number.

5. Finally, when calling the “Order Processing” telephone number +34 933 938 182, I’m told that “This telephone number is unavailable.”

You would think that *somebody* at Pixmania (or Expansys?) responsible for user experience would have, just once, placed an order at their own site, and observed what happens.

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  1. Alex Bendiken Alex Bendiken

    Pixmania sells some products on behalf of other companies (kind of like Amazon marketplace) and Expansys is one of those companies. I bet the page for whatever you ordered had a small print “Producto vendido por: Expansys” 😉 It wouldn’t have hurt to mention it in the confirmation email as well though.

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