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Change of domain name —

19 March 2010

So this blog used live at When I first registered that name, I thought, “Hmmm, that’s kind of long. I sure wouldn’t look forward to spelling that out over the phone — in Spanish.” It occurred to me that would be much shorter; but alas, just as quickly, it occurred to me that “ThisUX” could easily be read “ThiSUX”, and then imagined myself entering the likes of those who later regretted their logo designs. To be on the safe side, I ended up registering, and operating the site on the longer name.

Well, this afternoon, my office colleagues finally convinced me that the shorter version would serve much better. It’s easier to remember, fits better in an email signature, and, truth be told, I do complain a lot, and “ThiSUX” would make a perfect blog post category.

Zip, bam, boom — and 30 minutes later we’re up and running on

On the other hand, as I’ve long since left the rank of competent designer/developer, to become a full-fledged PHB, it might well be I’ve found myself on the receiving end of a coordinated Friday-afternoon office joke.

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