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Finding the Minimal Twist.

This morning we launched the redesign of the Makalu Aerospace and Makalu Interactive websites. Makalu designer, Alex Bendiken (@minimaltwist), loves to add a twist to our designs. To celebrate the relaunch, we’re running a small competition.

The first person to find the minimal twist in our own new site (and email me about it) will win an iPod Shuffle.

Rules, there are three:

  1. In order to qualify, tweet the following announcement message on Twitter: Be the first to find the Makalu Minimal Twist to win an iPod Shuffle. See for details. #makalutwist (via @makalumedia)
  2. Check out the Makalu websites, and search for the Minimal Twist (you’ll know when you found it 🙂
  3. You must email me a description of the twist to matt (at) makalumedia (dot) com, with the subject, “I found the twist!” (Don’t publicly tweet the twist! 🙂

Good luck!

Matt (@mhenders)


Lots of good guesses, but nobody found it. The twist reveals itself after sending something via the contact form. 🙂

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