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Following Twitter in an RSS reader.

Varied reasons for following people on Twitter (including sheer imprudence) has resulted in a stream disproportionately populated with tweets from people that I’m either not really interested in hearing from on a daily basis, or are a bit too prolific in their tweeting. And as a consequence, I often miss tweets from certain people from whom I want to read *everything* said.

Until lists are supported in Tweetie for Mac, I’m going to experiment with following Twitter in an RSS feed reader (NetNewsWire — on both OS X and the iPhone), subscribing to the Twitter RSS feeds of a limited number of people. Expected benefits include:

* My stream should now be filtered on what I’m most likely to be interested in reading.

* I can read my twitter feed at a dedicated time (i.e. *far* less frequently), and will be sure not to miss anything said by those I want to hear from.

* I’ll now get to see people’s @replies, which I’ve long missed.

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