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18 March 2010

Javier Diaz Carretero, of Andalucia, is one of Spain’s top marathon, half-marathon and cross-country runners. He’s also role model for those willing to take risks in order to follow their passion. Makalu decided to become the exclusive sponsor of Javier in his 2010 season, during which he’ll attempt to become the Spanish national champion, for the second time, in the marathon event. As part of that sponsorship package, we recently designed and launched his personal website.

We decided to build the site on Wordpress, and used its categories and keywords features to do some interesting things, while providing an easy-to-use interface — in Spanish — in which Javi and his manager can manage the content.

In order to leverage Javi’s preference to organize his photos in Google Picassa galleries, we created a Wordpress post type called Media, which accepts an RSS-Feed keyword into which the RSS feed of a Picassa gallery (or Flickr set) can be entered. These posts then drive the Media section of the website.

We also created a Wordpress post type called Events, including a set of custom keywords like “EventDate”, “EventLocation” and “EventResults”, which drive the “Events” section of the website, and which displays a small calendar on the home page. The home page calendar provides the visitor with a quick overview of Javi’s next upcoming event, as well as the last two events in which he participated.

As you can see in the image, we also added a little processing logic that grays out and strikes through past events.

We were able to design, implement and launch the entire site within about three days, and in practically no time had Javi’s team fully trained in its usage. For small projects like this, Wordpress seems to be a great choice.

Be sure to visit the site, and let us know what you think about it.

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