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A prayer for Japan?

Over the past few days, it’s been interesting to watch the widespread, literal appeal across Twitter that we all pray for Japan.

So how does that logic work?

One morning God decides, “I think today I’ll hit Japan with massive earthquakes and tsunamis.” There we go.

Then, due to the powers of the social networks and the #prayforjapan hashtag, he’s hit with a flood of prayers like he’s never experienced before. Taken aback, he thinks, “Oh, I never realized so many people wouldn’t be behind this thing.”

He has a change of heart, and decides to help a few folks make it through the ICU, and maybe help get the nuclear plant’s cooling system back online.

This might sound irreverent, insensitive and potentially offensive, but, honestly, wouldn’t the logic have to work *something* like that?

I imagine myself drowning off the side of a cruise ship, contemplating the world in which I live as I look up at a mass of people congregating hand-in-hand on the bridge, organizing themselves to collect as many others as possible to sing hymns and pray that I’ll get some help — all while sits an inflatable raft just behind them.

For those really concerned about the tragedy in Japan, there are ways in which you can *actually help* if you just seek them out.

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  1. Justin M. Justin M.

    Amen… uh, err, I mean, well said.

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