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What’s better than an office on the beach?

An office on the beach and next to El Tinglao — perhaps one of the best kept secrets in Marbella, Spain. Fresh fish, barbecued meat, and creative mediterranean dishes are served up daily on the scandalously priced 8€ lunch menu. We’re pretty darn lucky here at Makalu Interactive, to have become friends with Emilio, the owner and chef extraordinaire at the El Tinglao restaurant.

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  1. Todd Stover Todd Stover

    Dude. That ALL looks amazing! Did you take those pictures? I can’t believe those dishes are that colorful just from a snapshot. What is the last one with the little fried fish and peppers?

  2. Matt Henderson Matt Henderson

    Todd, I took all those photos with the iPhone 4.

  3. Matt Henderson Matt Henderson

    Todd, the last one is a plate of fried “boquerones”, with fried peppers, and tomato and onions. Very tasty!


    Conociendo como conozco al amigo Emilio el Asturiano, los mejores platos y la mejor compañia esta por ver. No dudeis en acudir a este mnaginiofico rincon de Marbella, aun desconocido y que quizas sea mejor asi, pues es un oasis en el desierto de la crisis.

  5. stoneisland stoneisland

    cheer ….

  6. stoneisland stoneisland

    woow,woow ,it’s looks delicious,i promise i’ll build my home near beach ,

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