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My advice to the kids at Swans Career Day

31 March 2011

My wife and I were invited to participate in the Swans school “Career Day”. We were assigned one of about 10 tables in a large ballroom, where 100 or so year-10 students walked around asking career-related questions. Here’s a summary of the advice we gave:

  1. Technology is a great field to pursue. It’s never boring. It has the potential to impact people in positive ways, and to change the world.

  2. Don’t worry about making the wrong choice when deciding what to study at university. Neither Pino nor I relied on what we learned at university in our careers. If you’re going into technology, you probably would be better off with engineering, than, say, painting, but other than that, don’t worry about it.

  3. Work on your writing skills. The best companies these days, in most any field, are looking for people who can communicate clearly, and concisely in writing.

  4. Travel. Spend your summers living in other countries, so that you can get a perspective of the world outside Marbella.

  5. Don’t hesitate to change careers, in search of work that you enjoy. You want to do good work, and you’ll only do good work if you’re doing something you enjoy.

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