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Table of contents missing when converting from EPUB to MOBI

17 July 2012

I'm a first-time e-book self-publisher, and have a problem I need some help with.

My source content is in a Pages document, on the Macintosh. When I export my document from Pages to ePub, and open that in iBooks on the iPad, it properly exposes the document's Table of Contents.

When I use Kindle Previewer app to convert the ePub to MOBI, the Previewer (when displaying the resulting document) claims that the document is missing a Table of Contents. (Same thing if I load the document in Kindle on the iPad.)

What is strange, though, is that clicking "NCX View" in the Kindle Previewer results in a screen that does contain the table of contents listing, and linked to the correct chapters.

I've Googled, and can't figure out why my TOC is being lost in the translation from ePub to MOBI. If you have any ideas, I would very appreciate your help. Just leave a comment on the article.

Thanks so much in advance.


I gave up, and switched to Scrivener, which handles tables of contents correctly.

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