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Name Mangler 3 for fast and efficient file renaming

15 April 2013

Name Mangler 3 for Mac OS X is a great utility for batch renaming of files. Here’s my review.

In my job (probably just like you) I work with lot of files on my computer—images for websites, screenshots for the App Store, financial statements and receipts for the accountant. Organizing and managing all these files becomes a lot easier when I can assign them standardized names, and so I was really happy to discover Name Mangler 3 by Many Tricks Software.

Name Mangler 3 satisfies all my requirements for a tool that can change filenames in bulk:

  • I want to be able to drag and drop files into the app (rather than pick them from a dialog box).
  • I want to chain together processing steps. For example, in the screenshot above, I've prefixed all the files with a date stamp, and I've shortened "Screenshot" to "screen". I want to do all this in one go.
  • I want the app to preview the name changes, before I actually perform them on the files.
  • For those actions I do regularly, I want to either save them as "Presets" I can choose again, or even as an application in the form of a Droplet. Name Mangler lets me do both.
  • I want all this available in an easy-to-use intuitive user interface.

Name Mangler 3 does all this, and much much more. For example, through data tokens you could automatically add information to the filename such as image size, height and width. It’s really very powerful!

I found Name Mangler 3 in the App Store through searching, and bought it on the hope it’d be good. When I discovered just how good it is, I wanted to see who was behind the app—and was happily surprised to find that the maker is Many Tricks software, the same little company that publishes other great Mac apps I use, like Moom, Time Sink and Usher.

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