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Fixed — Daylite can’t connect to server after Mavericks upgrade

27 October 2013

I run Daylite Server on an internet-connect Mac mini, and after upgrading to Mavericks (and OS X Mavericks Server) neither Daylite (running on my MacBook Air) nor Daylite Touch (running on my iOS devices) could connect to the server.

I noticed that if I disabled the firewall on the server, Daylite could then successfully connect. I inspected the server’s Firewall Options, and saw “Allow Incoming Connections” green on the Daylite Server Admin app, as well as the handful of Daylite-related server daemons.

I tried deleting those entries from the firewall and restarting the Daylite Server—hoping to see the familiar “Do you want to allow incoming connections?…” dialogs. But after restarting the Daylite Server those dialogs didn’t appear, and I still couldn’t connect.

As a last resort, I tried restarting the mini itself. Upon restart (and upon reconnecting via Screen Sharing), I finally saw the handful of Daylite daemon-related “Do you want to allow incoming connections?…” dialogs, and I confirmed them all. After that, Daylite could then successfully connect.

So my suspicion is that the first time the mini started after the Mavericks update, those dialogs appeared, but since I wasn’t connected to confirm them, they were declined by the OS. Which, if true, is strange, because there’s an option in the firewall that’s enabled, which should automatically allow incoming connections from “signed” apps. Could it be that Daylite Server, or some of its daemons are unsigned?

Anyway, problem now results, and I just wanted to post these notes for the benefit of anybody else that runs into this.

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