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Google Authenticator broken in iOS7. Use Authy instead.

I discovered this morning that the [Google Authenticator app][1] is broken in iOS 7. While it does display authentication codes, it doesn’t display the associated service description. So unless you only use Authenticator for a single service, you’re kinda stuck.

Google [are aware of the issue][2], but haven’t yet released a fix.

Urgently needing to login to Amazon AWS, I discovered an alternative app called [Authy][3] that _does_ work on iOS 7. I was quickly able to get setup with (the better looking) Authy and Amazon AWS, Google and Dropbox, and subsequently deleted the broken Google Authenticator app.

[2]: /deadlink

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  1. Kay Kay


    do you also have a migration path available? How did you move your accounts to Authy?

    Thanks. Ciao.


  2. There’s a way but no one will discuss it online. It’s a huge security risk for everyone 😉 Not to mention, if the non-security minded “general public” starts to take advantage of it, then their 2FA is as good as broken/off/useless.

    My suggestion is, look for a friend who you trust with your life and let him figure out the way to do it. Of course, hope that he’s techy and very logical.

    Very few people who use 2FA is aware of it. It’s not a loophole of the TOTP system, not at all. It’s just…… it’s really hard to explain.

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