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How to move folders that are synced with BitTorrent Sync

BitTorrent Sync is an app/technology that allows multiple computers and devices to share synchronized folders.

On my computer, I setup a folder called BTFamily, and synced that to my wife’s and kids’s computers. It worked so well, that I later added a folder shared between just my wife and myself, called BTMain.

At this point, the home directory on my Mac contained:

  • BTFamily
  • BTMain

Thinking that I might end up with quite a few synced folders, I was hoping to move those two folders into a single top-level folder called BTSync.

  • BTSync
  • BTFamily
  • BTMain

This article in the BitTorrent forums explains how to do this:

  1. Copy the folder’s “Secret”
  2. Remove the folder from SyncApp
  3. Copy/move the entire folder contents to a new location
  4. Re-add the folder’s new location to SyncApp, using the secret you copied in Step 1

SyncApp will still re-index the folder, but it will then carry on sync’ing with the folders on the other devices you’d previously given the same key to. You won’t have to re-issue a new key to your 10 other people!

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