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Malaga Promotion Chess Tournament Day 2

20 January 2013

On Saturday we headed to Malaga for the second day of the Malaga Promotion Chess Tournament. All three of us (myself and our two kids) won one of the day’s two games.

In my first game, I played one of the higher-rated players, Sergio Morales. Similar to what happened last weekend, I played well and arrived at an advantage which my computer analysis program deemed to be “decisive”. Unfortunately, also as last week, I ended up making my typical once-per-game tremendous error, losing my advantage and then losing the game. This week, it happened on move 40.

[pgn layout=horizontal display=700 height=auto autoplayMode=none]

[Event “2013 Promocion”] [Site “Malaga”] [Date “2013.01.19”] [Round “3”] [White “Sergio Morales (White)”] [WhiteElo “1902”] [Black “Matt Henderson (Black)”] [BlackElo “1902”] [Result “1-0”]

  1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3. Nc3 Nf6 4. e5 Nfd7 5. Nce2 c5 6. c3 Nc6 7. f4 cxd4 8. cxd4 Qb6 9. Nf3 Bb4+ 10. Bd2 Bxd2+ 11. Qxd2 O-O 12. g4 f6 13. Bg2 Qd8 14. O-O b6 15. Rac1 Bb7 16. Rc3 Qe7 17. Ne1 Rac8 18. Ng3 Kh8 19. a3 Na5 20. Rff3 Nc4 21. Qf2 a5 22. Nh5 fxe5 23. dxe5 Nc5 24. Rc2 Ne4 25. Qd4 Qh4 26. Nd3 Qxg4 27. Ng3 Ncd2
  2. Rxd2 Nxd2 29. Rf2 Ne4 30. Bf3 Qh3 31. Bg2 Qg4 32. Bf3 Qh4 33. Bxe4 dxe4 34. Nxe4 Bxe4 35. Qxe4 Qg4+ 36. Kh1 Qd1+ 37. Kg2 Rc7 38. Rf1 Qg4+ 39. Kh1 Rc2 40. Nf2 Qh5 41. Qxc2 g6 42. Qe4 Rd8 43. Nd3 Rc8 44. Qa4 Qe2 45. Qd1 Qe4+ 46. Qf3 1-0


I managed to win the second game, against a nine year-old, who initially had me in some trouble.

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