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My finicky ungrateful cat

30 August 2013

A plastic bag. A backpack. A set of shoes. Even a sweaty old jiujitsu kimono. If any of these items are placed on the floor in our house, my cat doesn’t lose a second rushing over to lay on them.

So thinking she obviously needs some “stuff” of her own, and being generally gracious and generous, I bought my cat what, for lack of a better description, I’ll just call the “Cat Castle”. Just take a moment to look at this, and imagine the possibilities.

So do you think my cat is appreciative of the gesture? Absolutely not.

After two days, she’s not given more than a passing glance at the Cat Castle. I’ve tried flicking the little dangling ball. I’ve tried manually scratching the post with her paw. I’ve even tried shoving her inside that obviously attractive cat-cubby-hole.

All that and… nothing. No interest whatsoever. In fact, in what might be taken as a sign of outright rejection this morning, she actually vomited next to it.

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