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Permanent portfolio historical performance spreadsheet

Today I created a publicly-accessible Google Spreadsheet that calculates the performance of the Permanent Portfolio over a range of dates.

As a proxy for the four asset classes, the spreadsheet uses four ETFs:

  • VTI (Stocks)1
  • GLD (Gold)
  • TLT (Long-term Government Bonds)
  • SHY (Cash)

At the time of this writing, the spreadsheet looks something like this:

The only cells that should be edited are the start and ending dates, after which the spreadsheet calculates the performance of the portfolio over that range (assuming a 25% allocation to each.)

If you’d like to create a copy of this spreadsheet for your own use, you can find it here:

Click here to jump to the spreadsheet

  1. As readers of my Money for Something book know, I personally invest in both VTI and VXUS for my stocks allocation. I decided to not include VXUS in this spreadsheet, however, since it’s a relatively new ETF and wouldn’t allow the overall performance to be calculated beyond around 2011. 
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