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The consequences of making political donations

A libertarian at heart, I donated to the Ron Paul presidential campaign back when he made a run for office—and that has turned out to be a terrible mistake.

As a result of that donation, my email address has been forwarded to every conservative group in the United States, and now I regularly receive solicitations from national activist groups to local small-town politicians, and everything in between.

Today, one arrived from “GOP Contacts”, strongly encouraging me to vote in New Jersey’s upcoming senate race. I guess those dimwits email every address they have, just to avoid missing anybody who might be eligible to vote in New Jersey.

Sometimes these mails have a link in the footer that says, “Click here to learn how your name got on our list”, which leads to a web page at a mass-mail provider displays the non-sensical, “Opt-in source: Mailing List.”

But the footer of today’s email contains this insult:

I’d love to have 10 minutes with the person who wrote that.

I never gave Ron Paul permission to pass on my email address, and now that it’s out there, there’s apparently no way to stop its continued spread from list to list to list.

Fine, they can continue to email me, but through their actions these groups have ensured that they’ll never, ever get another dollar in financial support from me.

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  1. Chris Johnson Chris Johnson

    Been there, experienced that, from many different groups. I try to tweak my personal information and use disposable email addresses unique to almost every organization I have contact with. My efforts aren’t perfect, but they have exposed countless who have sold my address / info.

    Sadly, I think the only way to approach it is to assume every group will share or sell your email address at some point.

  2. Matt Henderson Matt Henderson

    Chris, what amplifies the irritation is when you try to find contact information for these organizations. Their sites never provide any contact details other than a web-based form. Their mailing list providers also have no contact information, other than a web-based form.

    It seems their expectation is that anybody who’d actually want to contact them via phone or mailing address would be hostile.

  3. Chris Johnson Chris Johnson

    Boy, for the life of me, I can’t imagine why they think people would be hostile! 😉

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