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Using a Contacts group in my email ReadLater rule

I get a lot of email that I’m interested in reading, but which I don’t want cluttering up my inbox. In the past, I tried creating a mail rule that would immediately archive mails (keeping their status unread) with a sender address matching those within a long list contained in the rule. That got unwieldy after a while, since’s rules definition interface wasn’t really meant for managing *very long* lists of conditions, and so I abandoned the rule.

Recently, though, I had a better idea — adding all theses senders to a “ReadLater” group in, and then having my rule contain a single condition—i.e. checking whether the sender is a member of that group. Works great, and easier to identify just those mails in my Smart Folder for later reading.

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  1. Justin Justin

    That great… I use that one a lot… But something else that bothers me… Many times I add a contact in my phone and they don’t get put into a group automatically… How can you do a search to derermin which contacts are not in any group… ?

    • Matt Henderson Matt Henderson

      Hi Justin — I don’t know how to identify contacts that are not in any group. Would be nice to find a solution to that, though!

    • Stefan Seiz Stefan Seiz


      i do it via a smart group which has the searchcondition “card | not member of | any group”. As i use a german System, i am not sure, if these are the correct enghlish terms in Addressbook (OSX).

      i have a hard time writing a comment here, with a grey font on a grey background. I am old, though.

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