Disable iCloud Keychain to fix icbaccountsd problems

Update 2014-03-12: OS X 10.9.2 seems to have fixed this. A few days ago, I re-enabled iCloud Keychain on my Mac, and since haven’t experienced these issues any longer.

Original problem…

For a while now, the CPU profile on my MacBook Air (running OS X 10.9.1) has looked like this—quiet, with periodic high-load bursts from a process called, ‘icbaccountsd’:

Looking in the Console.app, I found my logs flooded with messages from this process:

  • icbaccountsd: [ICBLocalDictionary getIdMapping:] Mapping Error detected
  • icbaccountsd: [ICBLocalDictionary discoverLocalIAAccounts:] Unknown high level account
  • icbaccountsd: [ICBSyncOperation mergeLocalChanges:] Account not found
  • icbaccountsd: [ICBSyncOperation mergeLocalChanges:] Looking for UUID: (null) from remote key

This article on the Apple Support Communities pointed to another article which hinted that the root problem is related to iCloud Keychain.

I disabled iCloud Keychain on the Mac, restarted, and have seen no further logged messages from icbaccountsd. A pity—as iCloud Keychain is a concept I’d found very useful.

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