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Keyboard Maestro macro to get URL to selected message in

While waiting for version 4 to be released, I’ve had to temporarily uninstall the MailTags plug-in from in OS X Mavericks. One of the most-used features of MailTags for me was its ability to copy the selected message’s URL to the clipboard.

A “message URL”? That’s correct. Mail supports URLs to individual messages, that when accessed open the particular message in This is what one looks like:

message://%[email protected]%3e

I often use message URLs to provide myself with reference to conversations, important decisions or tasks that are captured in emails.

Without MailTags installed, though, I’ve been really missing this feature. My friend, Stefan Seiz ([@seiz][2]), however, was kind enough to email me an AppleScript that provides this same functionality. From that, I created a Keyboard Maestro macro, and assigned it to a keystroke.

If you use Keyboard Maestro, feel free to [download the macro here.][1]


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