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Rego is a great alternative to Pin Drop

01 November 2014

About a month ago, a notice was posted to the Pin Drop blog announcing that the app would be shutting down. Even though we make a competitor app called Rego, it was sad to read this news. There’s plenty of room in the location bookmarking space for a couple good apps, and Pin Drop was definitely one of the few we admired.

The situation being what it is, however, we anticipated that many of those affected would be looking for an alternative. And with over 150 5-star reviews, we definitely believe Rego is a great alternative to Pin Drop!

To help those Pin Drop users wishing to migrate to Rego, we recently added a Pin Drop data importer to the Rego Dashboard. To use the importer, one only needs to upload the ZIP (or KML) data export file that was recently sent to them as part of the Pin Drop shut-down. Our system will import the data, and soon afterwards all your Pin Drop pins and photos will be imported into Rego, ready to go!

Here are some relevant links:

And to give you an idea what Rego looks like, here are some screenshots:

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