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Alexander Aghassipour interview in Offscreen Magazine

I really enjoyed the interview with Alexander Aghassipour, Danish founder of Zendesk, in Issue 12 of Offscreen magazine. It’s always fun to read about the experiences of Europeans living in America, and vice versa.

A Dane will happily start a job interview buy telling you what they are -not- good at, something that would never happen in the US.

We Danes also tend to swear a lot and be less politically correct than Americans. We used to test new hires by throwing in a swear word here and there, and making them taste Danish liquorice. But we stopped doing that when we learned more about American “HR violations” as a legal concept.

People here are also obsessed with Ivy League schools. It’s the first thing a recruiter will mention to you. Although, after years of hiring many people, I still find no correlation beween top tier schools, and the value they provide to the company.

I’m just getting into it, but Issue 12 looks to be full of interesting content.

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