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The personal website of Matt Henderson.

Sifting through the noise on Upwork

30 December 2015

There are certain kinds of tasks for which Upwork is the perfect place to find help. And from personal experience, you can find some absolute gems! For example, there’s a girl in Dublin, Ireland that I discovered on Upwork, with whom I’ve been working for all kinds of administrative assistance for over five years!

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Structure and planning vs The Flow

26 December 2015

I know that, for me at least, a key to long-term success is planning. I carefully track my tasks. Each day I make a list of what I want to accomplish, and plan the day hour-by-hour. I know this is important. At the same time, I’m most productive when I get in “the flow”—that state of intense focus where one loses track of space and time, and is absorbed in the activity at hand. When in the flow, I don’t want any interruptions—not moving to the next task, not having dinner, nothing.

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2015 World Youth Chess Championship in Greece

07 December 2015

The 2015 World Youth Chess Championship (WYCC) took place between October 25 and November 5, in the Halkidiki region of Greece, at the beautiful Porto Carras resort. For our kids, Lance and Andrea, this would be the second world chess championship in which they would participate as representatives of Spain, with the first being in 2013 in the United Arab Emirates.

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25 November 2015

Almost every evening my wife and I go for a hike of anywhere between five and six kilometers in the rocky-terrained mountains behind our house. About six months ago, having read about about barefoot walking, I began doing these hikes in a pair of Vibram Five Fingers shoes.

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Those knee-jerk app reviews

24 November 2015

The navigation app, Waze, changed their external access mechanism, which broke apps like Rego, that used the old access mechanism. While no fault of Rego, we updated the app as soon as were were notified of the problem. But that didn’t stop a certain Rego customer from rushing off to leave a one-star review.I emailed them the following:

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Migrating Mac OS X local mail to IMAP

13 November 2015

To prepare for a possible clean install of the OS, I’ve been trying to move some local mail archives to the IMAP server, using on OS X 10.11.1. Here’s how that’s going:

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