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Beachbody seem to be stuck in the 1990s

05 November 2014

I was excited to find that Beachbody has released the latest in their P90x fitness series, with the new P90 product. I’ve been a P90x enthusiast for years, and would love to continue to compensate and reward Beachbody by purchasing a copy of P90.

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Rego is a great alternative to Pin Drop

01 November 2014

About a month ago, a notice was posted to the Pin Drop blog announcing that the app would be shutting down. Even though we make a competitor app called Rego, it was sad to read this news. There’s plenty of room in the location bookmarking space for a couple good apps, and Pin Drop was definitely one of the few we admired.

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A Dropbox disaster

01 October 2014

I'm in the process of recovering from a Dropbox disaster, and wanted to document it here in case it may prove useful to others.

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The Odyssey of getting my data into Amazon Glacier

22 September 2014

For years, I’ve been accumulating an archive of files at home on an external drive connected to a Mac mini. These are files that I do not expect to need in the future, but at the same time wouldn’t really be happy about losing—for example, snapshots of filesystems of computers I’ve retired, some source media, etc. All in all, the drive contains some 300 GB of data.

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Bank of America SafePass Card Bubbles

04 September 2014

As a Bank of America customer who spends a lot of time outside the United States, I have struggled to confirm my transactions due to (a) defects in the Bank of America SafePass card, and (b) being unable to receive a Bank of America SMS on a foreign phone number. This article describes a solution for getting a US mobile number that’s compatible with Bank of America systems, and that can forward SMS messages to a foreign number. Although originally written in 2014, the solution still works today, in 2020.

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