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The personal website of Matt Henderson.

Internet access in Andalucia

09 January 2014

Ben Brooks referenced a Boston Globe article discussing the poor state of internet access in the USA. For example, in Riga, Latvia (Eastern Europe), average internet speeds are 42 megabits per second, while some receive service between 100 and 500 megabits per second. In contrast, the American Comcast service delivers a standard 20 megabits download, with 5 megabits upload.

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High-speed rail in California versus China

08 January 2014

California will spend $68 billion to build 520 miles of railroad by the year 2029, while China will spend $300 billion to build 16,000 miles of railroad by the year 2020. In other words, it costs California $131 million per mile, over 15 years, while it costs China $19 million per mile, over 5 years.

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Blogging for profit

05 January 2014

Of the blogs I read, many are from authors who’ve become popular enough to monitize their sites, through memberships or advertisements. Those authors now have to publish on a regular schedule; not just when they have something to say. I noticed this morning that, as consequence, the majority of posts in my RSS reader are uninteresting, even though they’re written by otherwise very interesting authors.

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