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Readdle, the makers of ScannerPro, seem to have outsourced their customer service.

20 December 2013

ScannerPro is a wonderful iOS app for scanning and working with scanned documents on the iPhone and iPad. Evidently, and unfortunately, Readdle (the app maker) seem to outsource their customer service to some third-party service (likely manned by workers in a low-wage country).

Which leads to experiences like this:

I have ScannerPro configured to auto-upload saved files into /Dropbox/Apps/ScannerPro. Unfortunately, however, each time the app is used, it's creating an unused and undesirable folder at /Dropbox/ScannerPro. How can I prevent this from happening? I prefer to keep my Dropbox root level clean.

Elena Zinkevych wrote back:

Dear Matt,

Thank you for contacting us. Please accept my sincere apologize for the inconvenience with our application. I would be grateful if you could describe your actions step by step. We will do our best to reproduce your issue and figure our the cause of the issue. Currently I regret to inform you that we cannot reproduce the issue that results in creating an unused and undesirable folder at /Dropbox/ScannerPro.

Thank you in advance for your additional information.

They're very sorry about my trouble, but couldn't reproduce my "unused and undesirable" folder.

I wrote back:


When you enable Dropbox in ScannerPro it automatically creates a folder at /Dropbox/ScannerPro. You don't need to try to reproduce that; it's the normal behavior of your own app. (Are you not even aware of that?) The problem is that when I delete that folder, ScannerPro keeps recreating it.

To which Elena replied:

Dear Matt,

Thank you for your response. I am thankful for your additional information. We are aware about the case that you describe. It is really the normal behavior of our Scanner Pro application. I regret to inform you that currently you cannot prevent the creating of Scanner Pro folder. But I added your suggestion to our wish list for future attention of our developers.

Furthermore, I am very thankful for your cooperation. From your first message, I thought that you mean another issue with the Scanner Pro folder due to this I asked you to describe the situation in more detail.

She's awfully thankful, isn't she? Oh well, at least a solution to my problem has been added to their wish list!

Please, Readdle, take note and don't outsource your customer support.

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