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Financial independence.

13 September 2010

Although people often state financial independence as a personal goal, few with whom I’ve spoken can articulate what that means. (And even fewer know precisely how to get there.) It’s a lot easier to work towards an objective, when that objective is precisely defined.

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The Harry Browne Permanent Portfolio

01 September 2010

Each person who makes the decision to save, must decide where to store his savings. This article introduces the “Permanent Portfolio,” in which the late Harry Brown recommended to store that portion of one’s savings that is considered precious.

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Reactions to Paul Graham’s views of future trends.

26 August 2010

I really enjoyed watching this video of Paul Graham at the 2009 Business of Software conference, in which he discusses 21 future trends he believes we can bank on. Having grown and sold an early web business to Yahoo, Paul has since become a highly influential writer and participant in the technology industry. Currently, he runs "Y Combinator," a venture capital company which makes financial and advisory investments in startups.

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Apple Customer Service in Spain.

07 July 2010

My brother, who lives near Atlanta (United States), visited an Apple store last week to check out some odd behavior with his MacBook. The technician noticed that his battery has physically expanded, and needed replacing. Seeing that my brother's computer was covered by AppleCare, he said, "Hey, let's take the opportunity to see whether anything else needs fixing/replacing, since your AppleCare expires next month." As a result, my brother walked away with a new battery, trackpad, keyboard, and display.

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German government bureaucracy

29 June 2010

Recently, some bureaucrats in Germany decided that business ownerswho employ contractors even those, like me, who've been in business more than a decade should provide certified proof that they (the owners) are not criminals.

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Startup disk recovery and repair — lessons learned.

22 June 2010

Yesterday, the SSD startup drive in my OS X MacBook became extensively corrupted, such that the computer would no longer boot from it. The process of recovering and repairing the drive revealed a number of important lessons related to recovery preparedness.

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