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The personal website of Matt Henderson.

American Customer Service

13 July 2007

The United States offers a lot of conveniences and advancements with respect to (certain parts of) Europe, but I find the level of automation and corporate cost reduction a bit disturbing. Most calls to American customer support lines recently are a bit too consistent with my call yesterday to Earthlink:

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DabbleDB / User Interface / User Experience

19 June 2007

A while back, there was quite some chatter about DabbleDB, “a better web database to share, manage and explore your information.” The web application is apparently based on some impressive technology, at least based on a cursory exploration of the demos.

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Tricky problem when using rsync to mirror and archive Linux to MacOS X

30 May 2007

I use rsync running on MacOS X to mirror some remote Linux file systems to an externally connected Firewire drive (“Mirror”), and to archive changed and deleted files to a second externally connected Firewire drive (“Archives”). In general, it works fine, but there has been a long-standing tricky problem, that my system administrator (Niall O Broin) and I finally solved today. Since I couldn’t find anything about this in Google, I figured a blog post was in order.

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Carrera de Alpandeire

27 May 2007

This weekend we stayed again at the cabañas in Jimera de Libar, where, on Saturday morning, Pino ran in the first annual “Carerra de Alpandeire”, a 10 km mountain race. She finished 6th (in the female group), and had a great time!

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My working environment

24 May 2007

Since I really enjoy blog articles where people present the tools and equipment supporting their work and play, I thought I’d do the same. We’ll start from the top, and work our way down through the details.

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