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I miss my old Paperport

21 April 2007

Back in 1999 or thereabouts, I had a Paperport, and loved it. It was small scanner that sat between my keyboard and monitor, about the size of a roll of aluminum foil. Anytime you wanted to get a document into the Mac, you just fed the paper into the bottom of the Paperport, and it got spit out the top. So it was a roll-type scanner, as opposed to a flatbed. Getting document scans into your computer couldn’t be easier. It was gray-scale, but that was fine, since the main things I was scanning in were receipts, bank statements, contracts and the like.

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Four Elements of Design

20 April 2007

My first real job was a co-op position with the Georgia Power Company back during my university days. The company bought us all Macintosh computers (Mac IIs), and I was introduced to desktop publishing with the Aldus PageMaker application (which, today, is known as Adobe InDesign).

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RSS / Email / Notifications / Demographics

19 April 2007

Arto, Alex and I were having a discussion (ok, argument) over coffee yesterday morning about the suitability of email notification for events which are available via RSS. An interesting part of the conversation came when we reviewed the history of RSS, and how it become popular. RSS was created for news syndication, and later exploded in popularity when it became identified as an a potential part of the solution to the problem of following many, many websites.

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Matt's Corollary to Moore's Law

17 April 2007

Moore’s Law states (roughly) that the speed of computers doubles every two years, and he’s been more or less on the money. Today I introduce a corollary to Moore’s Law, which I expect to come to be known as Matt’s Corollary:

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Five Things

09 April 2007

Now that I'm back to blogging, I'd better catch up on a long overdue task. My office colleague Arto Bendiken pinged me with the Five Things meme, so here goes: Five Things you probably didn't know about me:

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Back to blogging…

08 April 2007

Wow, it's been a long time, but I'm back to blogging. Business has been going well, and that's received most of my non-family time, but things are settling down, and some blogging time should free up now.

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