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17 May 2006

A good point was made this morning, that my recent posts have consistently been critical of Spain, and that some perspective would be in order. And that’s true. While this country, or more particularly this area of this country (Andalusia), is probably the most laid-back, non-serious place I’ve ever been in my life (short of Nepal), you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere on this planet offering a higher quality of life. (And perhaps those things go hand in hand.)

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25 April 2006

I don’t know whether it was the anonymous email I got from someone at Apple, or the fact that my article was backlinked by some well-known people, whether it was the “friend of a friend” at Apple, or whether it was the email I sent to Steve Jobs himself. Whatever it was, one thing’s clear: When Apple decide to move, they can move fast.

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Launch of

21 April 2006

Just a little note about the launch of, the small website we just launched for Jesus Cabello, the electrician that has just made the jump to self-employment, and who did a great job for us in the electrical installations of our new office in Marbella, Spain.

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