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The personal website of Matt Henderson.

Amazon for Quick Backup

01 July 2006

These days I’m working exclusively from a laptop computer – an Apple MacBook – which I transport daily between my home and my office. Each night, my MacBook mounts and backs up my home directory to a 500GB drive served from my home server, a Mac mini. The mini later mirrors this 500GB drive to another 500GB drive, and archives any changed or deleted files to a third (120 GB drive). This mirroring/archiving type backup system has served me well for years. (Knock on virtual wood here…)

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What's the world coming to?

12 June 2006

Global Warming: You know it’s a problem. A big problem. And the kind of problem that just sort of creeps up on you. But how you fix it? Equally big problem. Who knows?

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The Building of Fincalena

03 June 2006

Not too long ago we launched a site — — representing a milestone in what for me was a really interesting project. For anyone interested, I published an article about it over at Summit, our company weblog.

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