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The personal website of Matt Henderson.

WordPress Pages or Posts?

04 December 2005

I’ve nearly decided to use WordPress to implement our company’s intranet. I’m thinking that I’ll use the key/value meta facility to assign content to groups, and then add some http authentication to provide selective visibility to that content by group. What I can’t quite decide it whether to use “Pages” for content, or categorized “Posts”.

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02 December 2005

In anticipation of the arrival of my new video iPod, we just purchased and downloaded the first season of "Lost" from the Apple Music Store. I don't plan on watching the video on the iPod, but rather playing it through the A/V cable to the television.

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Favorite Macintosh OSX Applications

29 November 2005

A friend of mine just bought an iMac and asked me for some Mac OS X application recommendations, providing as good an opportunity as ever to create a new permanent weblog article to maintain a list of favorite applications. The must-haves (the ones I use most) are marked in bold.

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Hacho de Pizarra, Spain

27 November 2005

Today's outing took us on this gorgeous day to nearby Pizarra. From Marbella, we took the Ojen highway to Coin, then on to Cártama, and then on to Pizarra—all in all, about a 45-minute drive.

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Encrypting multiple files using PGP 9 on Mac OS X

13 November 2005

The most annoying thing I’ve found in PGP 9 is its seeming inability to encrypt multiple files individually. If I select multiple files to be encrypted, PGP 9 will create a single, generically named, .zip archive of the result. This may be fine, sometimes. However, most of the time I would prefer that the encryption process result in a set of individually encrypted files. And as far as I can tell, there is no way to do this.

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The Software Engineer

12 November 2005

As I go through the process of reviewing CVs for a software engineer position we have open, and keep seeing acronym list after acronym list, I’m reminded of the discrepency that seems to exists between my concept of a software “engineer,” and that of so many people out there marketing themselves as such.

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Surviving in Andalucia

08 November 2005

If you want to survive living in Andalucia, in southern Spain, you're going to need, in addition to a huge amount of patience, the following:

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