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Mac: WorkStrip

06 November 2005

WorkStrip by Softchaos, which at first glance appears to be a Dock replacement, is a surprisingly useful productivity tool. Using WorkStrip, one can create and configure “work spaces,” which, when activated, populate the WorkStrip dock with files, folders, applications and other resources associated with the defined workspace context. This is best illustrated with an example.

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Cultural Differences?

02 November 2005

My friend Neal, who lives in the United States, broke his finger recently, and was telling me about his treatment. I was kinda shocked at the contrast with respect to my own treatment, living in Spain, when I recently broke my toe.

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Mac: Bookit

01 November 2005

Owning both an Apple G5 desktop computer, and a Powerbook, I have to deal with the issue of browser bookmark synchronization. I tried .Mac synchronization with Safari, but found it to be less than fully reliable, especially when I made, from time-to-time, a sweeping reorganization of my bookmarks. And .Mac synchronization doesn’t help much when you’re using OmniWeb.

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Weblog Redesign 2005

30 October 2005

There’s a big proposal that I should have been working on today, but after three weeks at it, I just couldn’t stand to open the word processor this morning. So, instead, I decided to give a go at redesigning the ol’ weblog. It’s been nearly two and a half years, and with Web 2.0 just around the corner and all, I didn’t want to get caught out.

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Pico de Juanar, Marbella

09 October 2005

It’s pretty amazing what kids are capable of doing. Today, we went on hike, again with the folks from, and watched a group of kids hike for over five hours, including a climb of nearly 800 meters!

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El Torcal in Antequera, Spain

03 October 2005

I am constantly impressed with the variety of interesting places to visit in southern Spain. This past weekend we took a day trip out to the amazing Torcal.

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