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Weblog Management with ecto

31 May 2004

Recently I’ve moved from the NetNewsWire RSS news reader (on the MacOS X platform) to PulpFiction (PF) — a new application from Freshly Squeezed Software. Since PF doesn’t include a weblog editor, I’ve just purchased the stand–alone ecto application. It seems to have quite a number of interesting features, including the ability to pre-process and upload images. (It apparently can scale images before uploading, and can create thumbnails as well.)

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The Realities of Buying Property in Spain

02 May 2004

At the beginning of March, 2004, my wife and I were contacted by a real estate agent here in Spain, notifying us of a studio apartment that had just come on the market. They told us that the property would have excellent rental potential, and that the owner was motivated to make a quick sale as he urgently needed money to purchase a new home himself. We arranged to visit the apartment on the same afternoon, and signed a document stating that if we decided to purchase the property, the purchase would be made via the estate agent (i.e. we wouldn't try to go behind their back, and purchase the apartment directly from the owner.)

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LaunchBar 4 Beta

04 April 2004

LaunchBar 4 Beta has been released, and it's awesome. Here are some neat things you can do (and for all of these, the text [activate] means typing [command][space] to activate LaunchBar):

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Back from Vacation

21 March 2004

I'm back home now from a two-week vacation, visiting family in the US. Had a great trip, and only wish it could have lasted longer than two weeks. I'm still recovering from jet-lag, and hope to get back to somewhat regularly weblogging soon. In the meantime, this post is a placeholderer so that certain friends won't tease me about having so little on my mind. ;-)

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Rule Numero Uno

04 February 2004

Rule Numero Uno is, “Never Send An Email When Upset.” Doing so results in a high likelihood of putting one’s foot in one’s mouth – which is what I did this morning.

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The Common Cold

03 February 2004

I’ve got a cold. A bad one. I’m congested beyond belief. I’d say this one’s the worst ever. (At least the worst I can remember.)

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The Thermos

26 January 2004

Just had a birthday yesterday (30-something) and my parents sent me as a gift an aluminum Nissan Thermos. It holds 33 cl. of liquid, which, I think, is about 11 oz. It’s funny, because this sort of thing is so common in the United States, where the long drive to work drinking a large quantity of drip coffee is such a typical aspect of the average American’s day. But here in Europe, your rarely see such things, as people tend to prefer quickly downing a tiny espresso at the roadside cafe. Most of my friends here, when seeing this thermos sitting in the kitchen will say, “What is that?”

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