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What’s on your Logitech?

22 June 2004

On my Logitech mouse, I've got an Open Programs MaxMenu item associated to the click of the scroll button, Close Window and Hide Application assigned to the buttons above and below the scroller, A custom MaxMenu associated to the lower button, and Exposé functions associated to the side buttons.

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Volume Logic for iTunes

22 June 2004

This looks quite interesting. Volume Logic, from Octiv, appears to be a real-time digital processor for iTunes. I've been playing around with it for about five minutes, and so far I like it.

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21 June 2004

I've been thinking a lot lately about productivity, especially in the context of our business environment. General questions and issues such as:

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palmOne Zire 72

19 June 2004

So I've sold my Palm Tungsten C, and have purchased a Palm Zire 72. (I know, they are officially now palmOne, but to me, they will forever be Palm.)

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SpamSieve AppleScripts

08 June 2004

Michael Tsai has released a number of useful SpamSieve AppleScripts. As someone who receives several hundred spam messages per day, I've often wished for a tool that would allow me to quickly identify those messages in my spam folder that were considered borderline (or questionable) by SpamSieve. One of Michael's scripts released yesterday, "Apple Mail – Flag Questionable," is perfect for this job – as it will flag all spam messages whose spam probability was above a certain threshold. Thanks Michael!

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Compost for MacOS X

03 June 2004

Many people recommend leaving items in the Trash — as it often happens that one later realizes that a deleted item is actually needed. I have a habit, however, (possibly due to a subconscious concern of letting things get out of hand) of emptying the Trash on my MacOS X system almost as soon as I place something inside. Compost is a utility (implemented as a Preference Pane) that will monitor the items in the Trash, deleting files that are older than a specified number of days. In addition, it will limit the total size of the trash to a configured size. With Compost watching over things, I can safely Trash items, knowing that I've got a month of margin after which they'll disappear.

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PGP and Apple Mail Integration

02 June 2004

I only recently learned that the PGP plugin for Apple Mail has a number of useful preferences that are set directly within the PGP application (instead of set within Mail). For example, you can configure PGP to automatically sign all outgoing messages. You can also configure PGP to auto-decrypt incoming encrypted messages. (You will still be prompted for your passphrase — so it's not completely automatic (and shouldn't be.) When receiving an encrypted message, PGP will attempt to retrieve the sender's public key from one of the public key servers. Nice.

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