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The personal website of Matt Henderson.

Purchased Music

06 May 2003

Gulp. My Purchased Music list in iTunes has grown to 109 songs. My wife's gonna kill me! I'm not sure Apple making it so easy to purchase music was a good thing. ;-)

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Site Redesign

05 May 2003

As you can see, I’m redesigning the site (none of the Section links work yet.) Hopefully this won’t be a complete exercise in the name of vanity, since we’ll also be installing Movable Type for the Marbella Cycling website, and I’ll use the same mixture of MT templates and PHP that this site is now using.

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iTunes 4 Warning

04 May 2003

Just a quick note to mention that when iTunes 4 asks if you want to “Replace Existing” songs when re-encoding, what it really means is “Move Existing to Trash”. As I’m re-encoding my entire CD collection to AAC, I just happened to notice in the info bar of a Finder window that my disk had only a few hundred megabytes of free space left. The trash was full (several gigabytes) of my old MP3 that had been moved there by iTunes 4!

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Vaya Paliza!

01 May 2003

With three cycling clubs in a small town like Marbella, you can imagine that its a fairly popular sport here. A friend of mine (Diego López Luque) and I even started a small website, dedicated to local scene. As you can see from the website, there’s a weekly calendar of rides.

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More Music Thoughts

30 April 2003

Now that the Mac and the iPod support the AAC format, I’m re-encoding my CD library. The iTunes “auto-import-and-eject” feature makes this task much less daunting than it could be. Casually popping in CDs while I work, I should have the entire collection done in a few days. Since my original encodings were done at 192 bps (with variable rate enabled), the average filesize was about 7.5 megabytes. With AAC and 128 bps selected, it looks like that will be reduced to about 4.5.

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Pollo Andaluz!

29 April 2003

Although the south coast of Spain is known for fresh fish, few things are tastier than a tender and juicy rotisserie chicken (or, Pollo Asado, in Spanish) with a plate of homemade french fries from Pollo Andaluz, a small chain of take-out rotisserie. Combine that with a chilled bottle of Rioja rosado, and you’ve got a meal to remember.

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