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Now, now, now

Inspired by my friend Derek Sivers, here’s what’s keeping me busy these days:

  • Getting ready to support my two kids at the upcoming World Youth Chess Championship, in Greece. (Lance starts the U12 category ranked 12th.)

  • Packing t-shirts and flyers to hand out, promoting our new ChessDrop personal online chess games database.

  • Our decade-long customer in Germany, Marek Lieberberg Konzertagentur, was just acquired by Live Nation. So Makalu is back in the client-services game, and I’m updating our website, our Dribbble page, our Sortfolio page, and looking for our next opportunity!

  • Planning an Indigogo crowd-funding campaign to get us to the finish line in the development of version 2 of RaceSplitter.

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