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As a voracious listener of podcasts, this page contains a running list of my favorite episodes, along with a great introduction to cryptocurrency.

What I’m currently subscribed to:

  • Acquired
  • Best of Making Sense with Sam Harris
  • The Blockcrunch Podcast (candidate to cut)
  • Capital Allocators with Ted Seides
  • EconTalk (one of the best)
  • Epicenter (crypto nitty gritty)
  • Founders
  • Invest Like the Best — Patrick O’shaughnessy
  • The Knowledge Project — Shane Parrish (great, but on the chopping block)
  • Making Sense — Sam Harris (on the chopping block, just too depressing!)
  • Meb Faber Show
  • My First Million (what I listen to the most)
  • The Pitch
  • The Scoop (on the chopping block)
  • Tim Ferris Show (on the chopping block, too into himself.)
  • The Twenty Minute VC

Podcasts I unsubscribed from, simply due to lack of time:

  • Masters of Scale (might add back some day)
  • Click Here to Apply — Tony Sheng
  • Conversations with MultiCoin Capital
  • Flippening — Clay Collins
  • Grant Williams (really sad about that one, he’s great)
  • Hidden Forces
  • Kevin Rose Show (seems abandoned)
  • Lex Fridman (too much about love)
  • Modern Finance with Kevin Rose (seems abandoned)
  • Unchained
  • We Study Billionaires (great podcast, just less interested in new investing ideas)
  • Cyperpunk Bitstream (seems abandoned)

Questions or comments? — Feel free to email me using the contact form below, or reach out on Twitter.