RaceSplitter invited to time the 2013 Vuelta Cerdanya Ultrafons

The Vuelta Cerdanya Ultrafons (or VCUF) is an endurance event organized each year by Eduard Jornet, father of the world’s greatest endurance athlete, Kilian Jornet. From the rustic town of Puigcerdá—nestled along the Spain/France border near Andorra—four trail running races take place over the course of a long weekend: a 14km race, a 35km race, an 87km ultra-race and the ultrafons itself, at a mind-boggling 214km!

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Word Count Journal Launches!

I’m happy to report we have just launched Word Count Journal:


Trying to get this app launched over the holiday period has been one of the most insane, yet bizarrely interesting, thing I have ever done.

I’m home in Georgia (USA), for the holidays. Our designer is home in Helsinki (Finland), for the holidays. Our developer is in Berlin (Germany). Our system admin is in Dublin (Ireland). The application key stakeholders are in New York (USA) and Hawaii (USA).

What a ride. Note to self: Never try that again.

Mr. Murphy, and his famous law, have been with us every step of the way. Network access to the code repository server got increasingly flakey during the countdown. Internet Explorer didn’t approve of any of our web-standards-based styling modifications. The Apple G5 on which we run Trac apparently got into a squabble with Apache and Python, and refused to let them play together any longer. Oh, and one family member had a gall bladder attack.

Somehow, Skype, instant messaging, Trac, Skype, Basecamp, email, Skype, Red Sky Cafe’s Wifi system and coffee, a bit of Skype, and a good deal of tenacity got us through.

So WCJ is launched, and that’s good. Looking forward to see what kind of acceptance the app has. In the first two days of operation, we already have about 140 user journals created! (And that’s not counting any private journals!) So it’s looking good.

And we’ve got some amazing stuff on the way in 2007.

Next planned launch: Just around Easter! Hmmmm…