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600 Pages? (or, Why 4-Hour Investing is Better)

Hello Tim,

You dont know me and thats exactly why Im writing you.

My name is Matt Henderson. Im a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, live in Marbella, Spain, have built and successfully exited an aerospace business, and currently run a design firm that has worked with Google and Virgin America.

Now Ive written a book on investing that was praised by people like Derek Sivers and David Heinemeier-Hansson.

Listening to your podcast with Tony Robbins, I thought, Thats my book theyre talking about! Except I believe mine has the potential to actually affect more peoples lives.

Investing rigorously from age 18 gave me the financial freedom to self-fund my startup at age 30. Everyone should understand investing. The fundamentals are so important, powerful and life-changingyet so simpleits frustrating that the knowledge isnt more widespread.

One reason is that most investing books are poorly written. User experience isnt considered. The essentials get obscured by less important complexities. The result is that few people finish them, and those who do often dont act.

I decided to apply product design principles to the writing of a book on investing. My objectives were:

  1. Everyone who starts, will finish the book.
  2. The reader will feel they must start investing.
  3. The reader will believe investing is within their capability.
  4. The reader will have enough information to start immediately.

The result is something that can be read in an hour. From feedback, I know it has changed many lives.


The problem is that Im unknown, and thats why I need your help. I wanted to ask if you would consider reading the book, and if you like it, help me promote it? Investing wisely shouldnt be reserved for the top 1%, and four hours per year is all it takes!

Im not in it for the money. While Id love to earn revenue from sales, my first priority is to disseminate the knowledge. Id be happy to set the price at whatever you feel appropriateincluding free.

You can reach me by email at matt at this domain, via Twitter DM @mhenders or via the contact form here on my blog. Thanks so much in advance.

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