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Live365, example of poor user interface design.

08 July 2004

This, in my opinion, is an example of quite poor user interface design. The image on the right (click the image for a larger version) is a screenshot from's web page that users evaluating their Radio365 product are taken to when they click the "purchase" button. Notice that the only element that appears "clickable" is a button to "Try VIP for Five Days Free."

Amazingly, there's no "purchase now" link! (Turns out that you have to click the image of the credit card to be taken to the purchase screen.)

This kind of problem appears frequently these days (possibly in some of our sites as well, though I hope not). Links are being assigned to practically any visible element on the screen, leaving the poor user to explore the screen space waiting to see their mouse change shape (indicating that something's clickable). What's worse in this particular screen, is that a precedence is established through the presence of a button, that embossed elements are what the user should interpret as clickable — implying indirectly that non-embossed elements should not be clickable.

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