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Terrible Telefonica

After what happened to me today, I will do my best never to do business with Telefonica (the main Spanish telecoms provider) again.

Today I went to a friend’s house to install (a) his new Telefonica ADSL wifi (wireless) router, and (b) his new Apple iMac, which, in theory, would access the internet via the wifi router’s wireless network.

After plugging in the router, a Comtrend model CT356+, all the LEDs successfully came on, but I couldn’t see the wireless network using the Apple Airport software.

I called Telefonica tech support, and explained that I have their Comtrend CT356+ router, and that the device is not broadcasting the wireless network. And this is where my bad day began.

Telefonica: Ok, sir, we first have to conduct some tests to confirm that your network is not available. Can you startup your Windows XP machine please?

Me: I’m using a Macintosh.

Telefonica: Oh, just a second please. [On hold…] Sir, I’m sorry but Telefonica doesn’t support Macintosh.

Me: This has nothing to do with the platform. I’m trying to tell you that the router is not creating a wireless network.

Telefonica: Yes, but you could have mis-configured the router.

Me: The router comes pre-configured.

Telefonica: Oh, right. Well, anyway, I’m sorry, but we don’t support Macintosh.

Me: So what are my options?

Telefonica: Either find a PC, or we can send a technician that you’ll have to pay for (if the router proves non-defective.)

Me: If I had a PC with me, what would you do?

Telefonica: We would conduct some steps to confirm that a network isn’t available.

Me: What steps would those be?

Telefonica: I can’t tell you.

Me: Can I speak to the second-line support please, or your supervisor?

Telefonica: No, there’s nobody else here.

Me: Of course there is. Please transfer me to your supervisor.

Telefonica: No, I can’t because I would first have to confirm those steps.

Me: The steps which, for some reason, you can’t tell me?

Telefonica: Yes.

Me: What is your name?

Telefonica: Bruno Castaño.

Me: Thank you, Bruno.

I can’t tell you how frustrating this kind of experience is. You know what you’re talking about, but you have no way to get past the front-line support imbecile. So, I went off and found a PC notebook that had a wireless network card, and went back to my friend’s house, and called Telefonica (and spoke to a different person, of course). I described the situation, and we began proceeding through the oh-so-mysterious steps that Bruno couldn’t discuss:

Telefonica: Can you please go to the wireless networks area of the control panel, on your Windows XP machine.

Me: I’m there.

Telefonica: Ok, are there any networks available in the box that lists the “Available Networks”?

Me: No, it’s empty. (To myself: “Of course”)

Telefonica: Thank you sir, that means the router’s not creating a wireless network. I need to pass you to our second line support.

It’s a darn good thing that at this point, I didn’t happen to see a Telefonica technician walking by on the street outside, or the poor chap would have received a quick crash-course in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu’s more painful holds.

Telefonica: Hello, sir, this is Miguel. I’m going to walk you through the steps to reset your router.

[…At this point, we spend the next 30 minutes in total confusion. Nothing Miguel described worked as expected, the router didn’t reset like he described, and finally each of us was convinced the other was out of his mind… Then the following happened…]

Me: Look, Miguel, I happen to know how to access the router’s admin area, you know, the web page that says, “Comtrend ADSL”, and…

Miguel: Wait! Did you say “Comtrend”?

Me: Yes, why?

Miguel: CRAP! My colleagues told me you had the Zyxel router! No wonder we’ve spent the last 30 minutes in total confusion!

Me: –sigh–

Miguel: If you’ve got the Comtrend router, then I know exactly what the problem is. There is a known factory configuration mistake with that device; it’s broadcasting on channel 12, and it needs to broadcast on another channel (3 or 4). Since you know how to access the admin area, you can modify that directly .

Me: Done, and it’s now working.

All in all, this little episode cost me over three hours of my time. And to add insult to injury, most of that time spent calling a Telefonica number, to cost of which is shared by both parties. (Not to mention the fact that Telefonica is shipping a router to people that it knows is mis-configured at the factory!)

So, like I say, I will, as far as possible, never do business with them again.

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  1. Narayan Narayan

    Change the name “Telefonica” to “SBC” and your experience mirrors one I had last August.

    Maybe it’s more annoying in Spanish. 🙂

  2. Javier Marti Javier Marti

    Matt, I had also lots of problems when configuring the Telefonica ADSL with the new Mac Mini of my in-laws. They had the useless blue USB modem for their old PC and this one proved not to work at all (after consulting Telefonica, Apple Spain, friends, installing drivers of all sort of sources, etc…). Many hours of precious vacation time…

    Out of desperation (and time) we ordered a new wireless router from Telefonica. Unfortunately, soon after we heared from other friends many bad experiences (burned routers from 24/24h use!!!). The solution we finally adopted was to buy a commercial wifi router and would return the Telefonica router to one of the Telefonica official shops.

    You cannot ask much reliability to Telefonica ADSL supplies (those from Comtrend) since the real cost of them is below 5 Euros…. Not talking about the technical support!

    Good luck!

  3. Phil Phil

    I think all wireless routers are like this.

    I gave up on a Linksys router I purchased. I kept blocking access to the internet via some firewall – after three or four separate calls to tech support, I returned it, and did not purchase another router.

  4. TSS Guy TSS Guy

    My goodness Matt. Your experience is terrible with this particular company. Unfortunately it’s quite typical as I am sure you are aware of many support services from many companies. All too often we are shrouded by “First Level” support when really we just need some details. It’s too bad that companies cannot put as much time and effort into making their customers aware of “Known Issues” as they do to hire incapable support staff who just don’t care.

    In this case, you probably could have substituted “Telefonica” for “SBC” or “Microsoft” or “ATI” or quite literally any other company who provides assembly-line tech support as Narayan mentioned.

  5. Jefferson Jefferson


     I am having the EXACT same problem you had. I just moved to Barcelona and am doing an intercambio with a family who uses "terrible telefonica". We have a new wireless router and I am using a powerbook trying to access the network, but like you, am not seeing a network come up. We have had the "informatique" come over three times, but he's clearly and idiot because he's telling me that my mac is the reason I can't access the internet, but yet the PC right now it can't either. What lunacy. I am quite certain that our problems are the same. I am writing to ask you about how you changed your router settings. I need to do that same I am certain. I tried to access the router using address But I got a user name password prompt and for some reason, telefonica didn't give me the user/pass. My question is this, how do I configure a "telefonica" router. If I could give you a more descript name/make/model of the router I would, but the impenitrable beauracracy of telefonic isn't throwing me a frickin' bone. If you have it in you, I would be greatly appreciative if you'd help an american living in Spain experiencing the same difficulties as you. Thanks a lot for your time.

    Jefferson hates telefonica too.

  6. Mike Harding Mike Harding

    Hiya Matt….

                   Have also have had a new instal from telefonica and to my surprise with a cream coloured router (Only name is AMPER on the base), I was expecting the old Blue USB modem..No model number or access codes given and I will shortly want to set up a wireless network. Can get into the routers log on screen but tried "admin" and the "1234" as per the ol Zytec model but to no avail, could you enlighten me with the entry codes...


  7. Rupert Rupert

    I’m trying to set up a friend’s Telefonica router in Deia, Mallorca. I can’t get into the admin area at all: it’s connected via ethernet at the moment, but if I type in [email protected]/adslppp, which I gather are the correct default details. Am I correct? The router’s not responding.

  8. Mark Mark

    Well, I am doing my best now never to have a landline again, I live in Spain and have been waiting for a landline for 2 years, I email and phone Telefonica weekly and always get a different excuse and am constantly lied to by different people in the telefonica ‘help’ desk.

    I now rely on mobile phones and vodafone mobile connect for internet, total cost about 50 euros a month.

    It all started when I moved into my Villa on the Sierra Espuna mountain range in southern Spain, I contacted Telefonica and asked to have a land line fitted, within days they sent an engineer who after a sharp intake of breath and a shaking of his head (well it was friday afternoon) drove away mumbling something about sending out a surveyor.
    After a few more days a surveyor arrived and explained to me that there is absolutely no problem with me having a land line as the poles go right past my house and said that he would complete his paperwork and an engineer would call within a few days to fit a landline.
    After a few days an engineer called and after a sharp intake of breath and a shaking of his head (well he did stink of beer and it was Friday afternoon!) he drove away at high speed and my weekly emails and phone calls began.
    They must be without doubt the worst corporate company to deal with in Europe, whilst living in Spain I have never heard a good word about them.

  9. Paul Paul

    Matt, the “service” you got doesn’t really surprise me. TSS Guy is right in saying that this is typical in a number of big companies, probably have the market cornered. The result is first level Customer Service consists of “script readers” who haven’t a clue. I’ve had issues with both Timofónica and Via Digital (now defunct).
    I got thoroughly peed off with Timofónica about ten years ago and have since taken any and every opportunity to reduce my expenditure with them. Though I still have a landline (neither cable nor Jazztel are options where I live – yet), my two-monthly bill is always for the minimum line rental and no more. I use Ya for adsl, vodafone for mobile and an [email protected] PBX with voip termination for ALL my outgoing calls from home. I’m not saying that and vodafone are necessarily any better, but I have had no problems with them (so far anyway), but not using Telefónica does give me a whole load of satisfaction!
    I’m just waiting for cable in my area to ba able ditch the landline all together!

  10. Dennis Howlett Dennis Howlett

    Can anyone tell me what the default user name for an AMPER wireless router is? We moved house 6 weeks ago but didn’t realise that on first installation, the engineer must’ve enterred a username and password. Either we we have no documentation and the Xavi site is no more use than ornament.

    Don’t want to go throgh my tale of woe just getting this far – let’s just say 6 weeks, circular routes time and again.


  11. Paul Paul

    Update for those that want to ditch Telefónica.

    I’ve found this company: – who supposedly will port any landline number in Spain to their service. Cost €12 + €2 per month

    Before I take the plunge, is anyone using them?

  12. Mike Harding Mike Harding

    Dennis……the Amper router address is …. username is 1234 and password is 1234……..hope that helps


  13. LogoVend LogoVend

    Mike thanks for that most helpful as there was nothing in the manuel about getting into the rounter set up … need to open some port for things … by the way the 1234 1234 works for the ZyXEL router as well … which is there latest one.

    I’m in Barcelona and from the UK

  14. Guy Hirst Guy Hirst

    I have just got onto wireless router with telefonica

    username: [email protected]
    password: adslppp
    make sure type is PPPoE
    VPI 8
    VCI 32

    IT WORKED!!!!!

  15. Oliver Oliver

    We have just moved to Sotogrande for a year. There is an Telefonica ADSL Router installed (Zyxel) in my new appartment. I tried to get the connection to work, but with no luck.

    The problem seems to be with the PPPoE settings/connection. The DSL-Led is on, but the PPPoE-Led is off.

    I have brought my own equipment with me (WLAN Router, etc.) so all I need would be a ADSL Modem. First question: can I use the Telefonica-Router just as a ADSL Modem by connecting the WAN-Port of my own Router to one of the LAN Ports of the Zyxel? I tried this, but my router stated the connection is ok, but something is wrong with the PPPoE settings.

    If I try to connect directly to the Zyxel router, either by WLAN or by Ethernet-Cable, I have no chance to connect to the router set up (I tried

    If I try to connect by WLAN I can’t even connect to the Zyxel router.

    Finding help is not easy as I do not speak spanish.

    And one more question: is there still a Telefonica ADSL access plan where you have to pay by minutes? That would be useless for me. I am looking for a way to change this as well.

    I would appreciate any help.

  16. Peter Wraith Peter Wraith

    I wish to write to Telefonica mallorca and need a postal address. Can you help?

  17. Peter Butcher Peter Butcher

    English router manuals are available for 13-95 Euros at but they don’t even have the latest ‘Amper’ model!

    However I found out that this router is in fact a Xavi 7768R badged as Amper for Telefonica and an English manual can be downloaded here for free:

  18. andy andy

    Does any body out there know how to get a mac with airport, to talk to the wonderful telefonica Xavi 7768r (Aka, Amper) router …Have looked at the manual the suncatspain website but to no avail……

  19. Henry andersen Henry andersen

    Hi there,

    Most sane configurations can be found at::

    In Spanish but still easy to follow tutorials with screenshots. Also overview for login and settings for all major ADSL providers in Spain. also has some of the manuals in English available at::

    Best regards

    Henry Heiberg Andersen
    PS! Always good to start with calling the Telecohonica to check if the adsl connection is up. Even if they’ve shipped the box it can take some weeks before you actually get the connection.
    PPS! Sad to hear other people had the same experiences as me when moving to Spain. 6 Months waiting for a telephone line and 3 more for the ADLS. Great fun when you try to have a business running from home :-(.

  20. Martin Martin

    Hi I Live In Mallorca Alcudia and Im trying to access my speadstream 5660 router to open some ports so i can get faster download speeds and also play certain pc games online, however heres my problem i have researched online that the given passwords for that router along with telefonica arwe user: adminttd password: adminttd however neither of these work nor does 1234 1234 DID telefonica revise all the passwords recentoly or something??

    thx Martin

    [email protected]

  21. Shooter Shooter

    Telefonica …. rs*@%$ù¨rrrrrrrrrr, but a lot of €€€€€€€€€’s for the shareholders.
    Does somebody know how i have to install mail on my apple for outgoing mails?
    Telefonica…. they only work with that shit from microsoft, maybe thats why they get more spam than e-mails, if can get the pc on 😉 VIVA APPLE 😉

  22. Terry Hunt Terry Hunt

    Xavi 7868R. Hooray the router works fine and thanks to all your comments I can access the web control area. However I have an IP camera attached to the router which I want to open a port for so I can access it from the internet. Does anyone know how to do this.??I have the IP address of the camera.
    Thanks Terry

  23. Maria Maria

    Hello everybody!!! The post shows clearly the importance of technical support for the most of the co.
    Better contact technical sales 😛
    Anyway, I have a Amper Xavi 7868r router (from Telefonica, of course) and I’d like to reconfigure it. So I’m looking for an admin or user guide (both http and console modes) but damn it! I can’t find it through Google. Any idea to get it???
    By the way, I’m not sure about typing default user/passw here…but Telefonica uses always the same. Just for http local access. At least they learnt configuring the same factory WEP password to every single router in Spain.
    Be patience and may the force be with you…

  24. Maria Maria

    oppss I didn’t mean this. The learnt that using the same WEP passwd was a bad idea.

  25. banus genius banus genius

    default password for ct-356+ is username:1234 password:1234 and set wireless channel to 3 from default 12.

  26. David in Spain, ohhhh noooo!!! David in Spain, ohhhh noooo!!!

    Hiya room…:) Spain is, well it just is. Ok, Telefonica inalmbrica, Amper, Xavi 786r is the router I have. does anyone know how to PFConfig this SOB? It does’nt have this model on the PFConfig list. Any ideas. To add: Does anyone know of another programme that you can install to automatically install the right ports n all that stuff? Take care all, and thanks.

  27. Matt Matt

    If anyone has problems accessing their Zyxel wireless router, it may have the web/telnet administration access turned off and will get an error when trying to use 1234 as the username and password. You will need to connect a computer via a network cable directly to the router to access the admin config.

  28. Pasquale Pasquale

    Hey all,

    I got a little problem with my internet connection with I am unable to solve.
    I looked through your suggestions , but they did not help me.

    In case you have some input/help for me, I would be very happy.

    I got a Telefonica Amper Xavi 7868r router, but I am unable to access the web control via
    I tried various RESETS but still nothing.

    Following passwords have not worked with me:
    u: 1234

    u: admin
    p: admin

    u: root
    p: root

    u: admin
    p: admin

    u: [email protected]
    p: adslppp

    u: [email protected]
    p: adslppp

    ANYONE HAVE THE LOGIN details for me? THANKS


  29. Mr Max Mr Max


    Try user/admin – had the same troubles !!

  30. None None

    Telefonica. Gahh.
    Changed to ONO instead.

  31. bitchestelefonica bitchestelefonica


  32. Majesty Majesty

    Hy, if u understand some Spanish i give too u a link, or u can reset the router :back u now ,must to push -3 time veri fast
    3 time slow
    u see a red led who cliping. In this link u find one forum masege at nr,39 she have a litle muvee u must SEE
    antonio3407 says: 39
    Enero 14th, 2007 at 20:31 ms nr
    After u reset the router try U-1234
    Have a nice trip!
    I ‘m from Romania but i live in Spain, my router its same like yours

  33. Boris Boris

    Hi folks…. I’m also stumped by this router. The 1234/1234 login definately doesn’t work- I’ll soon try the user/admin MrMax suggests… but another question… when I try to reset the router- obviously by pressing the reset button on the back. for several seconds… nothing happens. Has anyone else reset this router before? I would expect all the lights to go out or light up or something… but there is no obvious change. Is there some odd trick to resetting this thing?

    Thank you in advance if you can help.

  34. JC JC

    Telefonica Sucks… Is the worst communications company ever. They never know how to help you out, every time you call to ask something depends on who answer the response you get. so if in the first call nobody helps you, call again nd try with someone else.
    F*ck Telefonica

  35. Mike Mike

    Thank you so much for posting this. I’m majoring in Computer Engineering and I could not figure this freaking thing out. It has been 3 weeks, and all I had to do was change the freaking channel. I feel dumb. The interesting thing is that I have another computer here and it worked fine on channel 12… Weird.

  36. allen allen



    I was running a company in the uk and moved to spain
    and was sold a house with a supposed telephone connection
    but was sold a house with a RADIOPHONE which is a very poor
    exscuse for a telephone.

    So I moved house to a new house with a telephone line 100mts from the house
    and have been waiting for 4 years to be connected, but hang on I didnt buy the house
    in a mountain village in Badajoz.

    My house is 20 mins from the city of VALENCIA, they offered me a TRAT system
    which lets me have 56k internet speed and when they gave it to the CD said,
    WINDOWS ONLY, I am a mac user for over 20 years.

    I mean , 2007 and they cant give anyone a connection, when the line is 100mts
    from the house.

    I hate TELEFONICA,



    Allen Saei

  37. Pete Dale Pete Dale


    I found your experience with Telefonica quite frustrating
    Telefonica are rubbish I worked for BT as engineer for 20 years in those early days it was known as the GPO and they had exactly the same attitude that Telefonica have today
    We have recently gone on to ADSL and applied via the internet for this service because of their special monthly offers, having waited 2 weeks decided to contact them via phone only to be told that the application form had not been filled in correctly (Rubbish) so applied again but still no confirmation from Telefonica that everything was in order until I phoned them again

    Router arrived by courier I enlisted a friends help who new more than I everything seemed fine until one day I got the dreaded RED Alarm lamp I have checked this and that, done this done that I do not know what is the problem sometimes it will remain online for 15 mins or more before switching to the RED alarm lamp then having restarted it will remain online for the next 24 hours very strange

    So the tech support spoke in English? because of a bill queryJust recently Telefonica stated that we applied by phone for the ADSL service no we did not (they said a FREE router via Internet applications) cheeky beggers how else would they send us e-mails if we did not apply via the internet then they said you cannot have ADSL in our area we e-mailed back saying but we are already on and using it Ugh!!!! The router they have sent is a ComtrendCT5361 anyone had a fault with this router


  38. Bri Bri

    I just moved into an apartment in Spain that uses a Telefonica ZyXEL wireless router. I am using a new ibook…I can not for the life of me figure out how to connect to the wireless network. I know that Macs and Telefonica do not work well together. Please help this technically challenged girl get online so she can talk to her friends and family!!!

    ANY help would be greatly appreciated! THANK YOU!!!

  39. Pete Dale Pete Dale

    On http// site you can download a manual in English for a wireless Zyxel P650 HW31 not sure if this will help you

  40. Mark Mark

    Anyone know how to get a MacBook to see SAGEM FAST 1500 and work with telefonica ASDL?

    I have no setup discs for the router. Router was one from Wanadoo a couple of years ago.

    Thanks in advance.

  41. Spinx Spinx

    I have a Zyxel and a Xavi router and 2 connections.
    I believe that after you have reset your router telefonica will auto configure your router and change the default passwords/user.

    This is what happened to me:
    I reset the Zyxel router and was able to login with the default(1234) but some minutes after, while i was still configuring the router(WEB-config), it seemed they started to take control of the router and change settings and passwords. This meant i was suddenly excluded from the config and after trying again to login(WEB) the default password/user didnt work no more.

    Well router is working fine at the moment but im not so happy that i cannot take control of the router and set it up the way i like it.

    I have spoken with their support before(which is hopeless) and they ended up sending me a new router cause of the not accesible password(which the supporter either didnt know).

  42. Mark Mark

    Well as I was under no contract with Telefonica I have changed to Direct Telecom who have a 3mb service with a wireless router. Cheaper calls to the UK as well – 1.48c/minute + IVA.

    A big f**k u to Telefonica. Five years of shit. Once they hung up on me becuase I was insisting on speaking to a supervisor.

    That 150m euro fine should have been doubled.

  43. roger gough roger gough


    I recently changed my modem with telefonica as it did not work correctly and the guy left me with the monorouter P660R-DR but no config disk for this router. I was told i can open up the ports via the internet. Can you advise me how to do this please. I can login but i cannot see where i go to open up the ports.


  44. Mike Mike

    I had been trying for a couple of days to open the ports on my Amper/Telefonica router with no result. I tried the IP addresses suggested…nothing.
    As a joke I typed in Instaed of as it should be and…it worked. The ports opened and everything works perfectly.
    Wierd…but true!

  45. gammydodger gammydodger

    I have an AMER Xavi 7868r from Telephonica. I have lost the power supply and need to figure out a substitute. Does anyone have an idea of the voltage, frequency and wattage of the transformer unit. Thanks, Gam

  46. Ben fonejacker Ben fonejacker

    I also tried using Instead of as it should be entered. Strange thing that it worked. The ports opened. I know this sounds funny, but im not the only one here!

  47. Stephen Stephen

    I didn’t read all of the above, but enough to say I had the exact experience as some of the writers. I have a mac also, here’s what works with the telefonica router. I had to turn off my mac firewall, otherwise access was ridiculously slow, sometimes not at all. When your airport detects the router you’ll probably see that it needs a password which is printed on the bottom of the router. It is a 13 digit password (clave in spanish) You need to use the drop down menu on the password selection and use the ASCII choice. Make sure that the characters are typed exactly as printed on the router, i.e. caps or not. You shouldn’t have to mess with changing any TCPIP or Gateway settings etc…. as they would have you do if using a PC. I pulled my hair out for 3 hours with their representatives, until I figured out the password deal. I don’t know why the firewall creates such a problem with the router, but it does.
    Good luck!

  48. Stephen Stephen

    Telefonica suck. I was speaking to one of their field engineers, and off the record he said best thing you can do with a Telefonica router is throw it away and buy a proper one. Many are old stock, or discontinued units. I have 7 clients out of 9 clients who use Telefonica, that have had to have the router replaced. Some of them are on their 3rd router and one is on their 4th. Heaven help you if your router is over 12 months old.
    If it wasn’t for Telefoncia I would have less work.
    I use and they are excellent the routers come with a step by step guide with lots of pictures, so if your Spanish isn’t that good most people with basic IT skills can still follow them.
    If you can telenet into your Telefonica router then update the firmware to the Non-telefonica version. Then you should get your web access back. But void any warranty that Telefonica pretends to give.

  49. jojo jojo


    i just got to barcelona and am trying to get onto my sweetie’s brand-new telefonica router (zyxel p660hw-d1) with my 6-month old MacBook. the connection is like a roller coaster – one minute, great, the next, crap. Meanwhile, she chugs away on her old sony laptop, no problem.

    please tell me there’s a quick fix for this.



  50. James James

    I have lived in every continent except Africa and have never experienced the ambivalence and incompetence I deal with here in Mallorca Spain with Telefonica on nearly a weekly basis. Either my landline or my ADSL or both are constantly down. There are Telefonica shops all over Spain however if you go into one for service they tell you to call Telefonica, and will not even allow you to use their phones to do this. I had better, faster and more reliable service in Raratonga then I overpay for here.

  51. Nate Nate

    If you want to get the wifi working on these modems, then you need to turn it. Then get pen or a paper clip and stick it in the reset button for 1 second and it will switch on the wifi..

    You also have to fiddle with the setting on the Mac to get it to log onto the WiFi correctly..

    Telefonica, yes you should have seen th install the contractor did of the cable when he installed the line.

    Quality all round here in Spain! Spain 50 years behind Anglosaxon countries..

  52. Tara Tara

    Hi, I switched routers, to er a MODERN one, as the one that was supplied with the ADSL line over 5 years ago..! AND the wireless NEVER worked, as the ONLY software that was supplied with it, was in, you guessed it, Spanish..!

    So I bought the new router, and the software was in English, as well as OTHER languages, and it seem to work Ok for a while, and then it just started to cut out all the time, continuously..!
    So I googled it, in between cutouts, and I found these settings..:
    Telefónica ADSL settings are:

    PPPoE, VPI/VCI 8/32, Encapsulation Mode LLC/SNAP, user name [email protected], password adslppp, DNS [] and [].

    Didn’t need the DNS, so don’t know personally if they are correct, as for me it was (if that’s the same thing, but hey, I’m just a girl..!!)

    I would love an Mac, but I have the only thing that is actually worse than Vista.. No you may say..
    But I assure you that I have much worse, in fact a new kinda tragic..!
    That is a whole new operating system, ie; I went from English XP Pro, to Vista SPANISH.. The PC was bought from PC City, and they said that as a global brand it would have an MUI language pack, now way that it does..! That’s only available with Vist Ultimate, and a few other rare versions..

    The Spanish, are electrically Retarded, to use one of their own words against them, as retarded in Spanish means slow, but in English it means BACKWARDS..!! Don’t get me started on this…. Gonna have some fun, now my internet still works..!!


  53. Matt Matt

    When I’m at a friend’s place I have tons of problems with the wifi (Xavi modem). With my previous Macbook Pro, it wouldn’t connect at all with wifi. I have a new Macbook (aluminum) and it connects, but often pages take forever to load (like a long ping symptom).

    Any idea what I can do to fix this? I can get into the router using 1234/1234 and didn’t see anything that was obvious. Windows machines have no problems with speed.



  54. Dave Williams Dave Williams

    Hi I work with computers and spend loads of time helping Brits with their routers, reading through all the posts I have to say that if you know what you are doing Telefonicas service is second to none, I have had experience of most of the other suppliers, and found their support and service inferior, mosytt of the others it seems to me make their extra money by resetting your internet connection on a monthly basis forcing you to spend money on their support line.

    As to telefonica routers over 12 years the only time clients routers have had rto be replaced has been failure due to power surges, or them polugging in the wrong adapter. I still have about 20 in my garage ranging from the original speedstreamm to the latest models, and they all work.
    Router problems are easily solved if you know how to 1., reset the router, 2. configure the router by logging on via web access, & 3 telefonicas settings.

    The best place for router passwords :

    Telefonica settings PPPoE
    user:[email protected]
    Primary DNS


    So find out your router password, reset to factory defaults, and then with your computer connected to the router with a network cable, your network settings TCI/IP at auto, open up your browser and connect to the router by typing into the adddress bar of your Internet browser, either, or or
    then just configure the router, all settings are in english, and most have a quick setup programme that lets you enter the settings I have given above!

  55. Luca Luca

    Hello guys,

    just to share with you what works for me.

    USERID: [email protected]
    PASSWORD: adslppp


    VPI 8
    VCI 32

    Modem/Router IP:


    — altra opzione —


    2hours and 15 minutes with Telefonica

  56. Dave Dave

    Hi Guys
    Have tried all the tips here .. but still cannot log into my telefonica supplied router .. I have a Zyxel P660HW-D1 router and a 24″ iMac .. I’m pointing Firefox to and have reset the router and tried all the different usernames and password here and still no success
    The Usernames & Passwords I’ve tried so far are:

    U: 1234 P: 1234
    U: admin P: admin
    U: admin P: 1234
    U: [email protected] P: adslppp
    U: (blank) P: 1234
    U: admin P: (blank)

    ..Any other suggestions or ideas gratefully appreciated.

  57. jacky jacky

    OMG. I hate when you call to get some help and the person on the other end know less then you. How did they even get the job!

  58. Sander Sander

    Currently I am in the appartment of my girlfriends family in Madrid who asked me to setup a wireless network. After a quick investigation I noticed that the WLAN LED was not active on the Comtrend modem/router, but how to activate this when I was unable to logon to the box..
    Convinced of the fact I should not call the Telefonica “help”desk I searched deeper for the username/password combination with my big friend Google. Apperently nothing had been configured after the pre-setup and I was able to logon with 1234/1234 (how secure this is)… Activated the WLAN, changed the boring SSID to something more exciting (after all you want to shock the neigbours)..

    Thanks for the story and all the comments, I had a good laugh 🙂


  59. Rich Rich

    I’m just gone though something very similar with Virgin broadband in the UK. I know exactly what the problem is but they won’t let me tell them, instead thet have to go through the whole script trying to fix things that I know are not broke then at the end of the call they tell me to contact my router company (Netgear) who then direct me back to by broadband provider and I keep going round in circles!

  60. James Brown James Brown

    Was pleased to read Dave Williams comments about Telefonica, his feelings mirror my own.
    I wonder if he can help me?
    I know nowt about computing.
    I do know that to use the Wifi on my Zyxel router the reset button was depressed for 5 seconds(Telefonica Technician).
    Do you know how to “unset” the Wifi operation?
    regards and thanks in anticipation,

  61. Diganto Diganto

    When I’m at a friend’s place I have tons of problems with the wifi (Xavi modem). With my previous Macbook Pro, it wouldn’t connect at all with wifi.

    so i am so glad.!!!!!

  62. RC excavator RC excavator

    I am in the appartment of my girlfriends family in Madrid who asked me to setup a wireless network. After a quick investigation I noticed that the WLAN LED was not active on the Comtrend modem/router, but how to activate this when I was unable to logon to the box.. Convinced of the fact I should not call the Telefonica “help”desk I searched deeper for the username/password combination with my big friend Google

  63. Yaright Yaright

    All I would like to say is you should try to configure any kind of internet with Comcast. They will instantly charge you for a technician to come to your house to set up something you could do yourself. You will have to be at your house on a weekday in the mornings for at least 2 hours waiting for the guy to come and set your modem. The cost is at least 50$. And the speeds you get are as bad as in Spain for the price. And it was far worse before. It is starting to catch up. Same with cell phones. Before the iphone, US had worse cell phones than Uganda…

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