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A look at Apple competitor advertising

It seems Apple has no competition these days, and judging just from advertising, I’m thinking we’re a good ways off from seeing any. Why? Try as they may to copy, companies like Samsung just don’t get it. My colleague Alex and I today were discussing the striking difference in advertising, in the latest issue of Fortune magazine (which is full of Samsung Galaxy ads.)

You’d think the Samsung ads were written and designed by engineers, with CorelDraw.

Now, just compare those with the following ads, which aren’t even from Apple, but are for products which run on the iPad.

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  1. Pozycjonowanie Pozycjonowanie

    But what about the features? In iPad you can’t even surf the web, and listen to the music at the same time.

    • Matt Henderson Matt Henderson

      I don’t know what iPad you’re referring to, but you can certainly surf and listen to music at the same time on the one from Apple.

  2. Jeff Jeff

    Wow, those Galaxy ads are hideous. And that UI is even worse. Man, those icons are so outdated and elementary looking.

    It’s like comparing one of those old school Tiger LCD games with a GameBoy.

  3. Neil Neil

    I’ve always loved Apple for their simplicity, the average person doesn’t realise how much thought goes into designing the most effective interface.

    I own an iPad and MacBook Pro……….ok and a Mini Mac 🙂

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